Machining operations:

  • Cutting
  • Surface grinding
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Turning

Other mechanical operations:

  • Laser cutting, water jet cutting,
  • Mechanical welding, boiler making,
  • Heat treatment / surface treatment
  • Painting

The conventional machining department of ALLIO Romania is equipped with all the machines essential to the operations of general small series mechanics , especially milling and turning.
Machine tools are new means of production, which were either new when they were bought or completely retrofitted production tools, equipped with quality cutting tools and replaced at the first signs of wear.
Saw-to-panel, band saw, column drills, flat grinding machines, lathes and milling machines form a complete and efficient mechanical workshop.

Allio Romania is ideally located in the north of Bucharest, in an area where the main distributors of materials from Romania are also located. All metallic and not metallic materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel …) , plastics (PA66, composite resins or aluminum loaded …) or other specific materials are accesible to feed the workshop in very short delays.

Via suppliers or internally, our machining shop can supply  laser cut parts and water jet cut parts. Likewise, the manufactured parts can be treated (surface treatment or heat treatment, burnishing, anodizing, painting, etc.).

Our production workshop completes its services with various operations of boiler making and the manufacture of welded parts and structures.