We realize:

  • Pre-Project
  • 3D Studies
  • Development plan
  • R & R

According to:

  • Parts plans
  • 3D Files
  • Specifications

The perfect choice to realize your customized tools

Need a design office? Our design department will allow you to realize the 3D and production plans of your checking fixtures and various tools.

With the best modeling software (CATIA, WorkXplore 3D …) and a unique know-how, our designers will respond to your needs by numerically modeling your requests according to specifications or other input data provided.

Our experienced team will assist you in designing your means of control and production tailor-made, respecting your constraints of deadlines and confidentiality, as well as your design-to-cost objective.

Our designers, all anglophones and francophones, will advise you on the technical constraints and feasibility of your requests and will be able to make preliminary projects if necessary.