Direct manufaturing, part to plan

Allio Romania’s production workshop, accompanied by a network of reliable partners and subcontractors, is capable of realizing a whole range of mechanical parts according to your plans and 3D files, for unit or small series.

Machining of all materials:

  1. Foam, polystyrene, wood,
  2. Composite resins, plastics,
  3. Aluminum,
  4. Stainless steel…

Milling, turning, grinding,

Boilermaking, welding, folding,

Machining welding components

Laser cutting, water jet cutting,

Surface treatment, heat treatment, painting.

Internal manufacturing, subcontracting or mixed type:

Machined parts according to plan (small series)

CN machined parts according to 3D file (small series)

Welded parts, assemblies and machining welding components,