Checking fixtures jigs and gauges

ALLIO Romania can manufacture all types of control gauges, in short time and at optimized costs. Thanks to our extensive experience and recognized know-how of the checking fixtures, we supply quality tools, with respect of the technical needs and habits of each customer.

Checking fixtures/ dimensional jigs / Gauges for :

All material parts :
Plastic, metallic, glass, mixed …

Injected, stamped, laser cut parts …

Nude parts or assembled, painted or not,

Dimensions S to XL for the automobile;

Industrial sectors:



Other (agriculture, handling,…)

Type of checking fixtures :

Calibers, Go – No-Go,

Simple supports

Simple models

Models with interchangeability / pluri-parts / multi-layouts,

Complex models / with automatic opening / closing system,

Type of services :

Design, complete manufacturing following 3D part and client specifications,

Manufacture following the study provided,


3D audit control,

Modifications, evolutions, reinstatement.

Checking Fixtures PROJECTS