Due to the long term experience of ALLIO GROUP in the aeronautics and space industry, our teams can produce toolings and checking fixtures, production and specific handling tools by managing the product design from a set of specifications, or by manufacturing directly on the basis of plans or 3D files provided by customers.

Our customers include major aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, manufacturers of aircraft primary parts, integrators and companies specializing in the supply of maintenance tools for airlines.

This activity is managed by dedicated teams, trained to comply to aerospace and spatial requirements, composed of:

A project management team including multi-lingual team leaders accompanying projects from offer to delivery,

An Industrialization and Methods office formed by experienced technicians specialized in aeronautical processes,

A workshop of qualified fitters / fitters-assemblers equipped with adapted production tools,

A team of controllers trained in the requirements of the domain,

All supervised by a Quality Department and a team of experienced managers in the aeronautical sector.

The main types of toolings and means regularly manufactured are:

Storage and transfer trolleys,

Handling means,

Control toolings,

Different Maintenance and Repairs Operations Toolings(MRO),

Forming blocks,

Counter-drilling devices and certain types of drilling grids,

Assembly, machining, turning

Clipping tools, forming tools, various production tools